Online Support Center

How it works ?

On-line support is like having a technician right in front of your computer.

Our technicians connect to your computer remotely via the Internet and through a temporary secure connection. You allow them access and have the ability to take back control of you system at anytime. The technician's computer screen literally shows them what is on yours.

Online support is for people with busy schedules who do not have time to take their computers to a repair shop or schedule an on-site visit. The technician does all the work for you on-line. You are able to watch our technicians go through the repair service which makes it a great learning experience. You can even speak with your technician live while the problem is being fixed.

Is online support safe ?

Your security is critical to us. That is why our On-Line Support option ensures you are always in control.

If at any time you do not feel comfortable you can take back control of your system with a click of the mouse.

Every aspect of the process is permission-based meaning you give permission before any screen sharing, remote control, or file transfers.They will only perform requested tasks and explain the process as you follow along.

    • The screen sharing software we use does not stay on your machine and must be reinstalled (takes about 30 seconds) before each screen sharing session. Each time the computer tech requires access to your system, you must grant permission. The technicians cannot access your computer at any other time.


    Major corporations have recognized the proven technology of screen sharing for years.

    Now brings this technology to our valued customers.

    Some of the benefits of On-line Support are:

  • Fast temporary connection to your computer.
  • It's just as if we were sitting in front of your computer.
  • Secure On-Line support experience providing a unique 9-digit support code every time.
  • We can draw, highlight and point to items right on your screen during the on-line session.
  • You can also chat in real time with our Technicians instead of staying on the phone.
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac computers.
  • We can restart your computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress.
  • Easily supports multi-monitor environments

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