Computer Support - Service Delivery Options

  • onsite computer tech support

    On-Site Support

    Do you require a personal touch? Our Tech-Smart Unit comes to your home or office and gets straight to the root of the problem. All our technicians are bondable and their focus is to provide you with a pleasing one-on-one experience that addresses your specific needs. During our visit, we will show you how to identify problems with your computer and then walk you through each step as we repair your system. We leave you feeling satisfied and with greater confidence in your computer abilities.

    Note: On-Site Support available in limited areas. Please call us for details.

  • online computer tech support

    On-Line Support

    At we use cutting edge technology to offer you on-line support. Let our technicians investigate your technical problems through the Internet. A remote connection allows our technicians to view and control your computer over a secure and temporary connection. On-line support saves you precious time and cuts travel expenses, which translates into savings for you.

    Note: On-Line Support is available everywhere !

  • 1 day service computer tech support

    1-Day Service

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone would take away your problematic computer and return it to you the very next day running like new? Our Tech-Smart Unit will pick up your computer at your home or office and return it the very next day running like new.  While at our facilities, we will run a full diagnostic on your computer and fix any issues according to the service package you’ve selected. Call us today to schedule a pick-up.

    Note: 1-Day Service available in limited areas. Please call us for details.
Let us fix all your computer problems today ! Call us toll free: 1.888.407.3010

Service Packages - Pricing

affordable computer repair


Hours of Operation: Our regular business hours are 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week ! We also offer After Hours and Emergency Service with On-Line Support only.

We accept Cash, Credit Card or PayPal
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* 100% money-back guarantee: We guarantee all our computer repair services and that you will receive good value for your money. If you are not completely satisfied please contact us within 5 days after your service delivery and we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. In some cases this may mean a full refund.

Diagnosis and Repair

fix any computer problem with our diagnosis and repair service Fix any computer problem with a single flat-fee, no matter how long it takes to repair
We will fix any kind of computer problem for a single flat-fee no matter how long it takes to repair.

If you are unsure as to what is wrong with your system or you have a couple of issues that need resolution, this is the service for you.

Based on the problem or symptoms you notice in your computer, we will troubleshoot and determine the root cause of your problem and quickly fix the issue by implementing a reliable solution.

Virus / Spyware Clean-up

remove virus and spyware Identify and eliminate viruses and spyware from your computer
Our Virus / Spyware Clean-up identifies and eliminates running spyware and viruses on your computer. Viruses cause numerous computer problems and that can turn into hours of downtime. No matter if your computer has a virus, malware, spyware, or a combination thereof. has the prescription to fix the problem. Our technicians will remove all threats from your system and show you how to keep your computer healthy in the future.

Network Support

get network help Configure and secure your wireless router and network
Whether you need assistance with your network or help configuring your wireless router, our experienced technicians can have you up and running in no time flat.

We will configure your wireless router for maximum security to prevent unauthorized use of your connection. In addition,  our representatives will setup file or printer sharing between your computers at home* or enable secured wireless mobility for your laptop.
*this service covers a network up to 3 computers or devices, additional charges may apply for bigger home networks

Computer Tune-Up

get a tune-up for your slow computer Get the most out of your computer with a complete tune-up and maintenance
Get the most out of your system with our Computer Tune-Up and maintenance service. Every computer needs regular maintenance to enhance its performance.

Our Computer Tune-Up service will help you avoid computer problems and ensures your system is running at peak efficiency and speed.

Printer Installation

printer help Install and configure your new printer or troubleshoot an existing one
Let us install and configure your new printer. We can also troubleshoot problems you may be having with an existing one. Printers can be an essential part of your system, sometimes they just don't work when you need them the most. fixes issues with your printer by restoring corrupted files and we even diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

Software Installation

help installing software Save time and effort by letting us help you install any program to your computer

Save time and effort by letting us help you install any program to your computer.

Incorrectly installed or configured software is the hidden cause of many computer problems.

Let us install your software or application so they integrate seamlessly with your system.

Security Audit

check your security software Make sure your computer is properly protected and check for any unsafe programs
Our technicians ensure your computer is properly protected and check for any unsafe programs. We make sure your computer has the necessary security precautions in place to safeguard your system.

During this Security Audit we ensure your security software is running properly and make sure there are no unsafe applications running that will compromise your privacy.

Hourly Rate

affordable computer repair with hourly rate More flexibility to resolve one or multiple issues at the same time

Have more flexibility to resolve one or multiple issues at the same time. If you have multiple issues that need to be addressed by our technicians, an hourly rate is the option for you.

Maybe you want to clean a virus and install a printer at the same time, or just get a tune-up for two or three computers in the same appointment.

The first hour is charged as a flat rate, anytime thereafter will be calculated in blocks of 15 minutes.

Hourly Rate applies only for On-Site and On-Line support.


  • computer repair testmonial

    Conrad B.

    “ ...saved us money, time, and gave us peace of mind! It's terrific to know that I can trust them to handle all of our computer issues!...”
  • computer repair testmonial

    Kathleen D.

    "I've always been extremely pleased with their professional and knowledgeable service, reasonable pricing and ease of access..."
  • computer repair testmonial

    Jim T.

    “...every time, service was friendly and easy to understand even for someone of my minimal computer knowledge...”

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