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MyTech 365

Make your business run as efficiently as possible with MyTech 365. With software like Exchange, OneDrive Business, and teams, Microsoft 365 suite will streamline your ability to create, collaborate, and communicate easily.
  • Centralized Billing
  • Responsive and personalized suppot
  • Expert software implementation
  • Email group setup and advanced mail management
  • Threat mitigation against phishing attempts, password protection, and spam filtering

MyTech Backup

Enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your company’s data is protected and safely backed up with MyTech Backup. Not only will your data be backed up to a secure physical location on your own premises, but it will also be monitored 24/7 by our certified technicians.
  • Fully responsive, worry-free data backup
  • Active backup, monitoring and maintenance
  • Integrity testing
  • Development and implementation of a calculated backup strategy
  • Updated physical backup hardware included (scalable to fit your business’s needs)

MyTech Backup +

Benefit from all the perks of MyTech Backup with the added security of a secondary, cloud-based, full data backup that can be accessed from anywhere remotely.
  • Active monitoring and regular maintenance
  • Access your backup from anywhere at any time
  • Integrity testing
  • Latest physical and cloud-based software included

MyTech Business

Keep your company connected with MyTech Business professionally managed IT services. From workstations to servers and remote access management, our experienced technicians support all your office’s equipment so you never have to worry about being offline.
  • Active system monitoring
  • Pro-active and preventative maintenance
  • IT continuity planning
  • Responsive action when a system flaw is detected

MyTech Security

Keep your business protected with MyTech Security services. From workstations and servers to desktops and laptops, MyTech Security has the antivirus software to protect your business from viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware.
  • Full evaluation of your current security plan
  • Evaluate a modern security plan that fits your company’s needs
  • Protection from malicious viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware
  • Active antivirus monitoring

MyTech Security +

98% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by employee error. Don’t become another statistic. Protect your business from cyberthreats like phishing emails, spam filtering, and malware.
  • Employee anit-phishing testing and training
  • Active antivirus monitoring
  • Active threat mitigation
  • Regular review of your company’s security plan

We have all kinds of IT services to help you accomplish more.

Levels of

Business Services

Fully Managed IT

Never go unprotected or offline with fully managed IT services from MyTech Onsite. This all-inclusive service package boasts proactive and fully responsive support for all your business’s workstations, servers, and other technologies.

Our straight forward approach to IT will leave you feeling confident in the daily operation of your equipment. Not only do we thoroughly explain complex IT services and principles in language that is easy to understand, but we also provide basic training on all software and hardware that we install.

In addition to our no-nonsense approach, our fully managed business clients also enjoy unlimited service calls for all of your IT issues.

Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services:

  • Central point of contact
  • Active system performance monitoring
  • Hardware support, procurement, and installation
  • Software patching, installation, and basic training
  • Workstation monitoring and maintenance
  • Customizable service packages, including MyTech 365, MyTech Security, and MyTech Backup

Block Time Support

Get exclusive access to professionally managed IT support services with a convenient pre-paid block of time, accessible as you require it. Designed for users who desire a designated support team, this service package boasts the best balance between flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and full coverage as you need it.

Once you prepay for your desired block of time, we will monitor your company’s usage so you don’t have to worry about being handed a bill for additional time without pre-approval. You also receive monthly reports on how much time you have used, on which issues, and how much time is remaining from your block, so there are no surprise costs.

Let’s Answer some

Frequently Asked Questions

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services from MyTech Onsite is an all-inclusive service that provides both proactive and fully responsive support services. When you become a managed IT client, you never have to worry about being unprotected as we will monitor, update, and service your business’s workstations, servers, printers, routers, and other requested devices. Read more about the advantages of our managed services here.

Why is Office 365 right for my business?

Microsoft Office 365 offers top-of-the-line software that will help your business run as efficiently as possible. Programs like Exchange, OneDrive Business, and Teams will help streamline your business’s ability to create, collaborate, and communicate anywhere at any time.

Why should we choose MyTech OnSite as our business IT provider?

Many businesses don’t have the time or expertise to run their own IT department. Here at MyTech Onsite, we make computer support easy by providing straight-forward IT services that are customized to fit your business’s needs. Our responsive support team, no-nonsense approach, and convenient service packages make MyTech Onsite your go-to business support provider.

How much do your business support services cost?

Here at MyTechOnsite, we don’t believe in costly upsells or add-ons. When you sign up for our business support services, you can feel confident that you get what you pay for. We offer fully managed services, pre-paid blocks of time, and hourly rates, so there is sure to be a service package that fits your business’s needs and your budget. Contact us today to get a custom quote.

Why does my business need managed IT services?

If your Wi-Fi has ever stopped working or your computer suddenly bluescreens, you probably understand the stress and panic that comes with malfunctioning equipment. Avoid costly downtime with proactive system performance monitoring, where we will regularly run diagnostics to ensure all your devices are running at optimal performance levels.

Will the right technology really help me achieve my business goals?

Absolutely. Having the right technology will help your business operate more efficiently and avoid costly downtime. Having the right software can also streamline certain processes and make work easier. Not sure what the right technology is for your business? No worries, we will come and perform a site evaluation to determine what devices are missing or need to be upgraded.

What size of business do you provide services for?

Big or small, we support them all! We even provide computer support for residential clients. Read more on our residential services here.

How will our company data be protected?

Whether service is being provided in person or remotely, your company’s data remains private and confidential. We stand by our privacy policy, which states that all information found on client devices or volunteered verbally by clients is confidential and will NEVER be shared, stored, or distributed in any form, unless necessary for service to occur.

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